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Reversing a registered putaway

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Trying to undo a receipt after a putaway has been registered.

When trying to reverse the posted purchase receipt line, you get the error "You cannot undo line 10000 because warehouse activity lines have already been posted."

Previous questions on this suggest to do the following:

Hi, All to delete registered put away and warehouse document. First navigate the document --> go to posted warehouse receipt lines --> Navigate --> Show posted whse. document --> Registered Put way lines --> Show registered document --> delete the document.

After that delete warehouse registered document too.

Then via warehouse item journal transfer the item to receiving bin. then go to purchase receipt document line and use undo receipt functionality. Please test this sequence in test DB.

However, despite being a Super user, there is no option for me to delete the registered putaway, the delete button is simply greyed out. Cloud BC V 18.5. 

any suggestion or help gratefully received.

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    Samantha73 2,184 on at
    RE: Reversing a registered putaway

    I have done this by using developer tools and then deleting but not implemented on the live site due the potential for users actually deleting valid documents

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    RE: Reversing a registered putaway


    I can tell you that I have never deleted a posted registered Warehouse document. The delete is grayed out. I have not looked into asking a Developer to un-gray the Delete since I have never tested this to see if it would reverse and then allow for the Undo Receipt. I suggest completing the document, creating a Return Purchase Order, then processing a new PO correctly.



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