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Set field values using parameters passed to a form

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I have an application that sits outside of CRM. It reads the data from CRM. Requirement is the user wants to click on a URL in that app, that opens CRM phone call activity form with some prepopulated values. User wants to verify and save the form.

Here are the fields :
1) Call type - Schema name : rtt_calltype, value type : option set value
2) Campaign Search – Schema name : rtt_campaignsearchid, value type : Lookup to Campaign entity
3) Regarding – Schema name : regardingobjectid, value type : lookup to contact entity (Out of the box field)
4) Call to – Schema name : TO, value type : Party list (Out of the box field).

I generated the URL but it doesn’t seem to be working. Either it autopopulate rtt_calltype, rtt_campaignsearchid (or) regardingobjectid,TO but not all. Please share your ideas if there is also other way of achieving this like javascript etc.{37C88105-D25D-E811-80DC-005056B920D8}&_CreateFromType=2&contactInfo=&etc=4210&pId={37C88105-D25D-E811-80DC-005056B920D8}&pName=&pType=2&partyaddressused=&partyid={37C88105-D25D-E811-80DC-005056B920D8}&partyname=Mike Hussey&partytype=2

select  substring(('https://' ''), 0, charindex('CRMReports',('https://' '')))
						 'rtt_calltype='   '961640001' 
						 '&rtt_campaignsearchid=' replace(replace(convert(varchar(40),'075DCB99-4B8E-EB11-8106-005056B968B6' /*fp.entityid*/), '{', ''), '}', '')  
						 '&rtt_campaignsearchidname='  '2021 NextGen' 					

------- Code does not work below this point with the above. Can either run the top portion or the bottom portion.Cannot run both together, else the bottom portion overrides the top

						 '&?_CreateFromId={'   replace(replace(convert(varchar(40),'37C88105-D25D-E811-80DC-005056B920D8' /*fc.contactid*/), '{', ''), '}', '') 
						 '}&_CreateFromType=2&contactInfo=&etc=4210&pId={'   replace(replace(convert(varchar(40), '37C88105-D25D-E811-80DC-005056B920D8' /*fc.contactid*/), '{', ''), '}', '') 
						  '}&pName=&pType=2&partyaddressused=&partyid={'   replace(replace(convert(varchar(40), '37C88105-D25D-E811-80DC-005056B920D8' /*fc.contactid*/), '{', ''), '}', '') 
						  '}&partyname='   replace('Mike Hussey' /*fc.fullname*/, ', ', ', ')   '&partytype=2'

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