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Recording of Appointment and Displaying future meeting dates

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Posted on by UG Leader


I have an issue with displaying future meeting dates using the Appointment form. On our main record form; we have fields for date of last meeting and date of next meeting. The process is that whenever we have a meeting with a client, we store the date of the last (current) meeting and also need to enter the date of the next meeting using the Appointment form-shown below. For some reason, whenever a previous meeting date is entered the date of the last meeting gets displayed int the field for date of next meeting; while the date of the next meeting stays blank. 



Am not sure about what causes this? Any suggestions on how to resolve this issue?

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    Community Member UG Leader on at
    RE: Recording of Appointment and Displaying future meeting dates

    Hi Phylx,

    In the oob form, there are no ‘date of next pipeline metting’ and ‘Date of last Pipeline Meeting’ fields, but it has one filed named ‘Due’, it can be filled when filling ‘End time, which is by design.


    You mentioned that the date value is not filled into correct field, you need check the way that used to set value, javascript or workflow?

    You can go to Settings > Customizations > Customize the system > Entities > Appointment > Forms > Appointment form to click ‘Form Porperties’ button to open one dialog to check if js exists or not.

    And go to Settings > Process to filter entity is ‘Appointment’ to check.



    Leah Ju

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    Wahaj Rashid 11,317 on at
    RE: Recording of Appointment and Displaying future meeting dates


    Thank you for your query.

    Can you please elaborate on following:

    • Are these custom fields?
    • Do you use a Business Rule or Process to set these values?

    I believe, by default, these values will not set, you have to use a Business Rule.

    If you provide more details on the fields (names) being used and if you have any existing rule, will able to help.

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