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Why does search prioritize name or description over the code that I enter?

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BC needs to fix it's algorithm. 
When I put in a code in the code field I expect BC to select the code that I enter but it prioritizes the name/description over the code I specifically put in. 
In the example below I want to select RV but when I hit enter or tab it selects IH because of the RV in HaRVest. It should not work like that, it should prioritize and select the specific code that I entered. 
Here is another example for the bin location. When trying to select SP, PD is first on the search and if I hit enter it will select that one because DiSPlay has an SP in it. 
Also, 2 weeks ago I would put in my code and I could hit tab and it would select the code that I entered. Something changed last week and now if I hit tab it still selects the item on the search. If I'm fast enough I can hit tab before the search bar pops up and it will work but a few weeks ago I didn't have to be that fast. 
Is anybody else having this issue and can this be fixed? This is causing lost time due to mis transfers. 
It does this on all pages but here I'm using the item reclassification journal for my examples. 
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    YUN ZHU 63,922 Super User on at
    Why does search prioritize name or description over the code that I enter?
    As far as I know, this is standard behavior. It will choose the first one that matches.
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