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Modify Reports Data Sorting

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Posted on by 154

Greetings to all of you.

A customer of mine , asked me if its possible to modify the report 321 ( Vendor - Balance-To-Date )  sorting , fro based on Entry No to based on Posting Date.

I created a new report of mine and copied the code of the standard report.

I did this to the rdlc layout as well ( basically i exported the report 321 layout and import back to my report 50010 ). 

After that i went on the code, i searched for the word " Sorting " and changed the values from Entry No to Posting Date. However it doesn't seems to work. 



Anyone knows why? Did i have to do something different? 

Does the rdlc makes any difference on the report sorting ? Because if it does, i guess that copying the layout of the base report ( id 321 ) is a mistake from my side.

Thank you in advance for your time.

With respect,


  • Daniel Mitrea Profile Picture
    Daniel Mitrea 40 on at
    RE: Modify Reports Data Sorting

    AntonisK I have used the same filter on details but is doing a wrong sorting. Do you know why ?


    pastedimage1670842217450v2.pngit seems that is sorting only the year.

  • AntonisK Profile Picture
    AntonisK 154 on at
    RE: Modify Reports Data Sorting

    Ok i found what it was. I needed to set the Filter on the Details Properties , not the Tablix Properties.

    The filter i used was : CDate(Fields!PostDt_VendLedgEntry3.Value).ToString("yyyy-MMM-dd").

    TeddyH Props to you for letting me know that i can sort the reports on the rdlc itself.

  • AntonisK Profile Picture
    AntonisK 154 on at
    RE: Modify Reports Data Sorting


    Thanks for your reply.

    I got the report 321 layout exported, setup the sorting as below , and still it doesnt work. What am i doing wrong?

    PrintScreen -->

  • Verified answer
    TeddyH Profile Picture
    TeddyH 12,726 Super User on at
    RE: Modify Reports Data Sorting

    It's probably safer and easier to do this is on the rdlc side.

    Use Custom Report Layouts to export the rdlc layout. Open the rdlc report, click on the table, and change the sorting. Reimport.

    No need to do new report.

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