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How to get .APP files of our Extension

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Dear All,

Our current Business Central is currently on an update to Version 21. Now the situation is that, we have our existing company extension which contains all the internal modifications and developments created in Visual Studio Code. Now that we are in an upgrade, we decided to upgrade our own extension. I was able to upgrade our extension by updating the launch.json of our extension in Visual Studio Code. Now our partner requires us to give the .APP files of our extension. I want to ask how to do this.

Below is the exact requirement that our partner has requested us.

" Could you please send us only two latest APP files (one per each custom extension)? Also please make sure you was able to setup these files to the BC210 using shell installation procedure (which guaranties compatibility and app instance validation):"

Our internal extension was compiled in Visual Studio Code and running in the Business Central perfectly, hence we were able to test with the Users without problems. Now they need this, as per them for the Live deployment of the new version. 

I am quite new to BC development. I actually do not know how to get the .APP files of our extension. We initially gave them the folder of our .app files (not the one downloaded as source code from the Extension Management of BC.

We will appreciate any help for this. Thank you in advance.


Hot Potato

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    RE: How to get .APP files of our Extension

    Hi Danielle,

    Thank you for your help on this, I already publish and installed the extension that we have using Visual Studio Code, however our partner wants it to be published and installed using the Business Central Administration Shell. I have tried unpublishing it and uninstalling it in Extension Management of Business Central. However when we tried to Publish-NavApp the extension in the shell, an error about dependencies showed. Did I did it correctly? by unpublishing and uninstalling the extension from the Extension management and then publish it again in the shell?
    We'll be very glad for your outmost help on this. Thank you.
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    RE: How to get .APP files of our Extension


    To create an .app file for your Business Central extension, you can follow these steps:

    Open Visual Studio Code and go to your project folder.

    Press Ctrl+Shift+P (or Command+Shift+P on Mac) to open the command palette.

    Type "AL: Package" and press Enter.

    Choose a publisher name and enter the version number.

    Select "All" or choose the specific artifacts you want to include in the package.

    Press Enter and wait for the package to be created.

    Once the package is created, the .app file will be generated in the ".\bin\Debug" folder of your project.

    You can then share the .app file with your partner, who can use the shell installation procedure to install the extension in their Business Central environment. To do this, they can follow these steps:

    Open a command prompt or PowerShell window and navigate to the folder where the Business Central Server instance is installed.

    Type the following command to install the extension:

    Microsoft.Dynamics.Nav.Apps.Tools.Installer.exe install -sourcePath [path to .app file] -tenant [tenant id] -appId [app id] -version [version number] -overwrite

    Replace the placeholders with the actual values for your extension. For example:

    Microsoft.Dynamics.Nav.Apps.Tools.Installer.exe install -sourcePath "C:\MyApp\" -tenant default -appId MyApp -version -overwrite

    Wait for the installation to complete.

    Restart the Business Central Server instance.

    I hope this helps you create and share the .app file of your Business Central extension.


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    RE: How to get .APP files of our Extension


    Please refer to the last two minutes of this video.

    Create an Extension for Dynamics 365 Business Central in 6 minutes - YouTube

    Using VS code to compile the .al file.

    After compiling the extension, you will receive an .app package file.




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