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Migrating SL 6.5 to SL 2011

Posted on by 90

Hi all,

I've installed SL2011 on a Windows 2008 standard server and want to import all the 6.5 files.

I know nothing about SL and am looking for guidance.

The first issue I ran into was trying to run SL remotely on a Windows 7 workstation, via a sharepoint. The system crashed with a "System.IO.FileNotFoundException".

Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance

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    RE: Migrating SL 6.5 to SL 2011


    Abbey is correct. Follow these steps:

    Steps to install the client of Dynamics SL.

    1. Map the network drive S. (:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Dynamics\SL)

    2. Navigate to S:\Applications\WRKSTN

    3. Run Setup.exe

    4. Restart

    5. Navigate to S:\Applications\WRKSTN

    6. Install Any Service Packs or Hotfixes.

    7. Open SL and Test

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    Business Card 595 on at
    RE: Migrating SL 6.5 to SL 2011

    Hi, what i think you need to do that you have not done is that you have to map that SL folder that you share on your server to your workstation, after that locate a workstation folder inside that mapped SL folder and run the setup, this will solve the problem


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    C0ppert0p 90 on at
    RE: Migrating SL 6.5 to SL 2011

    Sorry, I what I'm actually doing it trying to run SL from my Windows 7 workstation:


    " X:"  is the shared drive on my SL server

    I can run MSDynamicsSL.exe locally on the SL server, but when I run it remotely on my workstation it throws the 'System.IO.FileNotFoundException' error

  • RE: Migrating SL 6.5 to SL 2011


    Could you please explain what you mean when you say, "trying to run SL remotely on a Windows 7 workstation, via a sharepoint"

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