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Rebate Management - Transactions not generating

Posted on by 10

I managed to setup a rebate deal  from the Rebate Management, "all rebate management deals" menu.

I configured a rebate management posting profile and I set up the rebate management parameters. Then, I created a rebate and I generated a workflow to approve it. After that, I created a Sales order that the rebate applies to (I can see the rebate in price details of the sales order row).

However, when i click "generate, rebate management" from the "all rebate management deals" menu function, nothing happens. I would expect to see transactions related to the rebate.

What could be the problem? Could it be how the posting profile is set up?

Thanks for the support


  • CapsLock Profile Picture
    CapsLock 1,351 on at
    RE: Rebate Management - Transactions not generating

    I also have the same issue, Hassan I don't understand how the language can play a role here, could you be more specific please? Thanks! In my case the threshold is also reached and I have tried all possible combinations on the claim by and invoice by.

  • Hassaan Khan Profile Picture
    Hassaan Khan 20 on at
    RE: Rebate Management - Transactions not generating

    Good day,

    Have you processed your transaction? Probably you are not using english. In english, you have to process the deals first.

    One more thing is to look into dates tab on rebate management line and check 'invoice by' and 'claim by' to 1 'invoice' and see if that works.

    Thank you.

  • ThuNgo Profile Picture
    ThuNgo 972 on at
    RE: Rebate Management - Transactions not generating


    Did you able to solve this issue?

    I also faced the same.

    Thank you!


  • RE: Rebate Management - Transactions not generating

    Hi Judy, thank you for your answer and your time.

    I checked everything you said: the treshold is reached, I set up "Invoice" as the transaction type and "stepped" as calculation method, I launched the batch (as explained in the guide that you posted). However, no transactions are generating. Infact, I followed the guide step by step but something is missing.

    Anything else pops out in your mind? Any other problem related to the calculation method that I could have set up wrong? The Parameters? Or maybe the type of journals selected in the rebate management profile?






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    huijij Profile Picture
    huijij 19,803 on at
    RE: Rebate Management - Transactions not generating

    Hi Filippo,

    Rebate transactions are automatically generated, based on the calculation method that is selected and scheduled in batch jobs,and you can also check if it has the reache threshold as it will lead to no transaction.

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