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Info codes, customer attribute, or something else.

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We need to be able to track more information about a sale - for example, where you heard about us, or what flight did you arrive on. We have looked at using info codes, customer attributes, etc. All seem to have drawbacks. We do not want to do any customizations as this seems like it really should be something possible out of the box.

We could do a customer attribute, but i would imagine that attribute is tied to the customer, not to the transaction itself?

We could use info codes, BUT, you cant display what info code was picked on the MPOS screen, so the cashier doesnt know what they chose. You also cannot change the info code without voiding the transaction and starting over. 

Is there a better option for this? Something ideally that will show on the POS screen, and be changeable without voiding?

  • JeffreyPW Profile Picture
    JeffreyPW 228 on at
    RE: Info codes, customer attribute, or something else.

    Thanks. Have provided feedback hoping to get more info. Trying to avoid customization as much as possible so we'll likely wait until this functionality is expanded.

  • OriolMachin Profile Picture
    OriolMachin on at
    RE: Info codes, customer attribute, or something else.

    Hello Jeffrey,

    Yes, it seems Order Attributes, is what you are looking for.

    As you mentioned, currently it only supports String values out of box. However, in the same link you shared there are extension examples your team could use to try and add your desired functionality.

    Currently, I'm not seeing any additional information for when this functionality will be expanded. I would suggest using the feedback button on the bottom of the page, to provide feedback on when the functionality may be added.

    Best Regards,

    Oriol Machin

    Support Engineer / Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce

    North America Customer Services and Support

  • JeffreyPW Profile Picture
    JeffreyPW 228 on at
    RE: Info codes, customer attribute, or something else.

    Order Attributes seem to be nearly the perfect solution... Except, as noted on the page, only type 'string' is working for now. I need to be able to have fixed list attributes, so POS workers dont have to manually type info into the fields, only select pre-filled values. Any clue when this functionality will be expanded? So close!

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