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Business Central Non-Inventory reservation posting error

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The team have been using reservations from POs to SOs as a method of linking up the purchasing with the sales (mainly for inventory-based items) however there are some circumstances when we purchase licences from a vendor (item being non-inventory) and then create a reservation from the PO to the linked SO that requires the licence. From the PO screen, BC allows reservations of non-inventory items (even though the item is set up as non-inventory and is marked as "Never" with respect to allowing reservations).

Most of the time, this seems to not cause issues once the PO is receipted and the SO is shipped/invoiced. However, periodically, there is an error which surfaces and halts all shipping/invoicing across all sales orders in the system.


The current fix is breaking/cancelling all reservations against the item, however, I am not sure as to the root cause of the problem. A consideration currently, through customisation, is to prevent non-inventory items from being reserved from POs to prevent the issue entirely. However, this is enforced, I am trying to get an understanding of whether this is a non system issue or if there is something that is taking place that probably shouldn't be.

Any knowledge on this would be greatly appreciated,


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    Amit_Sharma Profile Picture
    Amit_Sharma 2,545 on at
    RE: Business Central Non-Inventory reservation posting error


    Pls connect with the existing partner or debug the issue.


    Amit Sharma

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    Dallefeld Profile Picture
    Dallefeld 11,415 UG Leader on at
    RE: Business Central Non-Inventory reservation posting error

    My opinion is that MS did not intend for non-inventory items to be reserved. At this point MS needs to address the issue and either stop reservations early on or allow them to be processed all the way through the life cycle.

  • Andy Sather Profile Picture
    Andy Sather on at
    RE: Business Central Non-Inventory reservation posting error


    If you don't get further responses to this issue, you may want to raise a support request to Microsoft support via your CSP / Partner.

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