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Other Tamarac CRM Users Out There?

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I would be interested in connecting with other organizations who are customers of Tamarac CRM. My experience is Tamarac Support struggles to keep up with normal technical questions, and I have given up on tapping them as a knowledgeable source for questions that delve into Dynamics 365 and Power Platform topics. I have suggested to them that they sponsor a technical community forum for their customers like Microsoft does for its platforms, but don't expect a response. I have found a well-informed, reliable Dynamics 365 consultant to help me with my learning curve. But an online community of peers would be an invaluable way to trade help on-demand, spontaneously. Am eager to share from my starter bag of hard-won lessons learned. Hopefully there are others like me out there. Thoughts?

Griff Coleman

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    rgriff50 37 on at
    RE: Other Tamarac CRM Users Out There?

    Hi Elena,

    Sorry it took me a while to respond. Great to hear that you have training to customize service requests. One issue that has vexed us, and I don't believe Tamarac has fully responded yet is 'how does the status reason of a service request get properly set to completed if the workflow kicked off by the creation of the service request has an unpredictable number of component tasks?' Do you track the status of service requests? Are they getting completed as expected based on completion of the component tasks? Any insights you have would be most appreciated.



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    Elena McCoy 10 on at
    RE: Other Tamarac CRM Users Out There?

    Hello Griff,

    I think I am responding in the correct forum now.

    I have been trained to create custom Service Requests and as well as the App for Outlook. My Service Requests are therefore a combination of training, error, testing and rollouts.  

    We recommend 'set regarding' for emails at the account level rather than the contact level.  Does that help?


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