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General product posting group - Purchase Invoice lines

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Hi everybody,
is there a way to change the General product posting group on the purchase invoice lines if the General product posting group in the line comes from a posted purchase receipt ? 
Now I get this error : Gen. Prod. Posting Group must be equal to 'XXXXX' in Purch. Rcpt. Line: Document No.=23-12345, Line No.=10000. Current value is 'YYYYY.
Mnay thanks 
best regards
  • Suggested answer
    Jun Wang Profile Picture
    Jun Wang 3,539 Super User on at
    General product posting group - Purchase Invoice lines
    why do you want to change the gen. product posting group after item receipt is done? BC is forcing the posting group to have the same information at posting, which makes sense.
    you could consider if undo receipt is possible, modify the gen product posting group of the item, recreate the line on the purchase order
    this sounds like lots of steps but might be a better way. hope if helps. 
  • General product posting group - Purchase Invoice lines
    Did you figure this out?  I'm having the same issue now in the latest version of BC.
    Thank you!
  • Verified answer
    Shauna Langley Profile Picture
    Shauna Langley 518 Super User on at
    General product posting group - Purchase Invoice lines
    I had previously experience on this with the older versions of NAV and the only way to get around this was to have a report created by development that allowed me to specify the item and purchase order/purchase receipt that I wanted to update.  This is no standard way to get around this without development.

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