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Is it possible to set up grouped products?

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Is it possible to create grouped products in D365 Commerce?

My company is currently running Magento and we sell spare parts for industrial mowers. We're looking at integrating our e-Commerce system with our D365 ERP system to automate online orders. Currently each order received on Magento gets processed manually.

We're considering switching to D365 Commerce instead of trying to integrate Magento with a third party connector and I'm investigating the viability of this.

One of the things we have on Magento that I can't seem to find in D365 Commerce's documentation, is grouped products. This is when you have a sub-assembly for a mower, you show an engineering drawing of the assembly and list all the parts that go with that sub-assembly. These exploded drawings are quite common on automotive e-Commerce sites.



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    Chris Haley Profile Picture
    Chris Haley on at
    RE: Is it possible to set up grouped products?

    To add to the exiting suggestions; you might use a 'product collection' module and in that module you have a couple of configuration options that could work for you - 'Related products' or 'Curated product list'.

    With related products, assuming you also have a product in the system for the sub-assembly, then on the product details page for the sub-assembly you can show the related items - just go to the product setup for the sub-assembly in HQ and specify product relations (including a 'relation type' that you can also define.) I can't see any docs article about that setup but it is there :)

    With a curated list, this is a free form list not directly linked to a master product ID, so you could simply create a list for each sub-assembly and use that list in the 'product collection' module wherever you like on a relevant page. Docs link:

    One other tip, based on the exploded diagram image you shared, there's an 'Active image' module that would allow you to specify coordinates on the image which represent the individual components, users could hover over and jump to product details for the component directly:

    (you can see an example of this in action on the demo site, just scroll down the page until you get to the 'Grand Coast collection')

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    Shafeeque Mohammed Profile Picture
    Shafeeque Mohammed 6,139 Super User on at
    RE: Is it possible to set up grouped products?

    Kits behave the same way like you sell a product master in Ecommerce. Logically you should be able to sell them on Dynamics 365 Commerce online store without any issue. However, if you want additional functionalities like showing the kit components on PDP, displaying a kit as available based on the on hand of components (where you don't preassemble and keep the kit in on hand), you might need some customization.

  • Bharath jain Profile Picture
    Bharath jain 512 on at
    RE: Is it possible to set up grouped products?

    Hi Paul,

    can we use product Kit setup for online channel.

    we have done a product kit setup which is working fine in CPOS but the same is not working in web store.


    Bharath Jain.

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    Shafeeque Mohammed Profile Picture
    Shafeeque Mohammed 6,139 Super User on at
    RE: Is it possible to set up grouped products?

    B2B ecommerce supports something order templates which will allow you create templates (or group products). While this may not completely suffice your requirement, can be a good starting point.

  • RE: Is it possible to set up grouped products?

    You can use Retail Kits to group your products. Please check below link.

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    P Jackson Profile Picture
    P Jackson 1,560 on at
    RE: Is it possible to set up grouped products?

    Investigate 'Kits' and also 'Bundles'. In HQ Kits require warehouse assembly orders to be processed in order to book the component stock out and the top-level Kit product in. Where as Bundles explode the component lines on to the sales order. I don't know if either work with a Commerce online channel.

    Otherwise you might have to think outside the box in terms of known online Commerce functionality for the Navigation hierarchy and product categories and/or Product Attributes, and somehow develop an 'Add-all' to basket for the shown products on the page/in the category or with the same product attribute.

    Good luck!

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