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Invalid object name 'SETUP'

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Receiving error when trying to print direct deposit remittance on special check printed to pay out vacation pay between regular payroll.

SQL Server Message 10215

Invalid object name 'SETUP'

Debugging info: SqlCompile - dbcursoropen

Cursor(12) SELECT CalYr, NextCheckDate FROM SETUP

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    RE: Invalid object name 'SETUP'

    Hi Kristine,

    Would you look at the rptcontrol table in the system database.

    select Module,ReportNbr,* from RptControl where ReportNbr like '0263%'

    Are any of the module fields blank?  If so , update it to PR.

    Update rptcontrol set module = 'PR' ReportNbr like '0263%'

  • RE: Invalid object name 'SETUP'

    This has been resolved.

    I noticed the difference in the direct deposit advise slips (02.635) direct deposit advise slips form on my testing server.  So I tried to go into the settings and make them match again with no results.  I believe this was caused by someone deleting the reports for this form in the Report Control Maintenance (98.3000.00) while attempting to change the report order.

    I uninstalled and re-installed the application, with no effect.  Since there was no benefits from the re-install, I then figured it had to be something in the database.  In the system database table RptControl I found the record for (02.635) and replaced it with the record on my testing server.

    This has appeared to fix the issue.  However if I had not had a testing version available - and had to revert back to an earlier backup (which would have been almost two weeks of changes lost in this case).  I would like to get the information out here of how to fix this without having to revert or at the minimum restore a backup to find the record to overwrite.

    Anyone has any idea on how I could have fixed this problem in the application itself?

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