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Word Templates - Invoice Totals on Last Page only

Posted on by 9,142


I love the ability with Word templates to create much nicer invoice layouts than were ever possible with Report Writer.  One thing that was a bit better with Report Writer was having a Page Footer and Report Footer.

Does anyone know if this is possible in the Word templates?  I have been putting the total in the Footer, but that means it prints on all pages if a multi-page document.  While most of my clients are fine with that, I have one now that only wants it to show once.  That means a floating total section unless anyone else has found an alternative.



  • Heather Roggeveen Profile Picture
    Heather Roggeveen 9,142 on at
    RE: Word Templates - Invoice Totals on Last Page only

    Thanks very much Leslie.  I vaguely recall this article now that I see it.

    Much appreciated.


  • Verified answer
    L Vail Profile Picture
    L Vail 65,269 on at
    RE: Word Templates - Invoice Totals on Last Page only


    Here's a copy of a KB article that will anchor the totals to the bottom of the last page. I've used it and it works. I'm not sure why they limit it to 2013, probably because that's when Word templates came on the scene. I think this is what you want to do. Let me know if it helps.

    Kind regards,


    How to anchor subtotals at the bottom of the last page of an invoice. The following steps will only work on Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 SP3.

    1. Start with an original unmodified SOP Blank Invoice word template and open in word.

    2. Go down to the footer section. Click in the top line of the footer.

    3. Click Alt-F9.

    4. Go to Insert>Quick Parts>Field.

    5. In the Fields window, select If in the Fields list. Click ok. The footer section should look like the following:

    6. Look at the top right of the template where the page number is. You should see a formula there. Highlight the whole formula and click CTRL-C to copy it.

    7. Go down to the footer section. In the top line of the footer in the If formula that you have, highlight the /* MERGEFORMAT. Make sure you don’t highlight the open brace, the If and the close brace.

    8. Paste in the copied text.

    9. Now the formula should show in the footer too.

    10. In the formula change the / to =.

    11. Right in front of the last closing brace, add "subtotal".

    12. Click Alt-F9.

    13. If you have the formula right, you should see the word subtotal in the bottom and that's it, nothing else. If you see more than that, then there is a syntax problem and you will have to redo the steps from the beginning.

    14. In the template, highlight the subtotal section table. Make sure you get the whole table.

    15. Ctrl-C (Do not cut because the end document bookmark is in this table, we can't delete the table from this section.)

    16. Alt-F9

    17. Find the word “subtotal” in the footer and highlight it.

    18. Ctrl-V – You are pasting in the subtotal table instead of the word “subtotal”.

    19. Now, you have to go back to the subtotal table in the body of the invoice - the one you copied. We can't delete the table because the bookmark is there. Highlight each field, right click remove content control. Then highlight the field and delete.

    20. Do this for every field in the old table.

    21. Now save the template and import it. Print the new template with an invoice. The subtotal should be on the bottom of the last page of the invoice. This will work with multiple page invoices and multiple invoices in a batch.

    22. If you want to add something like ****Continued on the next page**** to print when it is not the last page of the invoice, you can add an else clause to do that. Click Alt-F9 to make sure you are seeing the formula. Click in the field in the subtotal and click behind the last double quote. Add a double quote, followed by the text you want to print, lastly, another double quote.

    Dave Dusek

    Senior Escalation Engineer

  • Heather Roggeveen Profile Picture
    Heather Roggeveen 9,142 on at
    RE: Word Templates - Invoice Totals on Last Page only

    Hi Ladies

    Thanks for responding.  Screen shots of this might end up a bit small.  In the shipped reports, the totals are in the middle of the document.  That means the total will print wherever the invoice ends.


    What I prefer myself is that the invoice totals appear in a fixed location on the invoice layout.  To achieve this I put them in the footer of the Word template.  But by doing that, it prints on all pages of the document.


    So what I am after is being able to have it in the fixed location but only printing on the last page of the invoice.  If either of you have a template that does this that you would be willing to share, I would very much appreciate it.



  • L Vail Profile Picture
    L Vail 65,269 on at
    RE: Word Templates - Invoice Totals on Last Page only

    I'm with Almas, I have my totals printing on the last page of an invoice. Did you move the fields when you modified the Word template?

    Kind regards,


  • Almas Mahfooz Profile Picture
    Almas Mahfooz 10,967 User Group Leader on at
    RE: Word Templates - Invoice Totals on Last Page only

    which report you are working, I have sales invoice modified and printing on word template and it shows only one subtotal info on last page when have multiple page document. Total fields are on Report footer.

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