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SL support for ACA 1095-C form

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Is SL going to have support for the ACA 1095-C form?



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    RE: SL support for ACA 1095-C form

    No, Microsoft will not be complying with the law.

    They are suggesting people use a 3rd party tool written by SilverBridge to conform tot he law.

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    RE: SL support for ACA 1095-C form

    There are IRS regulations surrounding the Affordable Care Act that mandate certain reporting requirements, like whether an employee was eligible for healthcare coverage, whether they were offered healthcare coverage, and whether they elected to take healthcare coverage.


    The Payroll module in SL really has no way of tracking that information.  In the Payroll module, you can setup a deduction and SL will calculate the deduction and report the deduction amount, but the Payroll module has no way of determining whether the employee was eligible for coverage, whether they were actually offered the coverage they were eligible for, and whether they elected to decline that coverage.


    Example 1:  Assume an employee is paid for 6 months, then for the next 3 months, is not paid.  SL knows from the employee history that the employee was not paid for that three month period, but SL has no way of knowing whether they were on sabbatical, unpaid leave, maternity leave, etc.  SL has no way of determining whether the employee was actually offered health care coverage during that period, or whether they were eligible for health care coverage during that period.


    Example 2:  Assume that an employee worked the entire year, and there is no healthcare deduction for the employee. Again, SL doesn’t know if the employee was not eligible, or was offered and declined health care coverage.


    So the short answer is no, SL will not be providing an update for 1094 or 1095 reporting, which I understand are the forms required by the IRS to report this information.  I do believe at least one third party application, which develops a Human Resource application, has plans to add this capability to their HR application, but it will not be a part of the SL Payroll module.

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