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Adding products to Product category hierarchy

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Posted on by 62
Hi, I have a requirement where i need to add a validation on product categories  while assigning products to it.
So the flow is something like this where if there is a parent category say Contoso Speakers and it 3 categories as below-
Consoto Speaker
1. Sales product speakers 
2. Assemblies
3. Components
Now there requirement is if i add any product to these categories a validation should run, where if i am adding any product lets say ProductA to Sales product speakers >> Speaker set, the same product can be added to any category under Sales product speakers (i.e. it can be added to car speaker & HiFi speakers) but if i try to add the same product to assemblies, assemblies>>cabinetAssemblies etc, or components it should throw a validation saying that the product is part of Sales Product speakers.
Similarly if i have a Product kets say Item12 and it is added to components>>Mechanical then it can be added to any category under components say cabels, packaging, electronics and cabinents but it cannot be added to any other category (assemblies or Sales Product speakers, Sales Product speakers>>car speakers).
Can someone please help me with this?