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Customer Payment API - Add field

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Hi All

I have created a new copy of the Customer Payments APIv2 and tried to add new fields but looks like you cannot simply add fields - similar to say customer API. For example, if add Bal Acct Type or Shortcut Dim 1 code or anything not in the original API, using POST though no error data does not get populated. Then I looked at the Graph code units and I could see that only fields defined in below code unit are available:

Graph Mgt - Journal Lines
Now my question is how do we add new fields? Do we need to create our own Graph code unit? 
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    Suresh Kulla Profile Picture
    Suresh Kulla 43,638 on at
    RE: Customer Payment API - Add field

    Please check this

  • FredMibu Profile Picture
    FredMibu 45 on at
    RE: Customer Payment API - Add field

    Sorry to hijack your post a bit, can you tell me where you got the source of the API, i need to customize SalesOrder APi and I cant find the source.. Since you created a copy of a V2 API i figured you had it

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    JAngle Profile Picture
    JAngle 33,137 on at
    RE: Customer Payment API - Add field

    What if you create an api page without using the graph mgt. codeunit? Then you don’t have to conform to the design. Api pages being the preferred method of implementation you could base it more on the typical odata way. For instance if you publish the cash receipt journal page and post data you just need the template and batch name to satisfy accessing the underlying table

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