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create multiple invoice from sales order

Posted on by 24
While I can create sales orders to split invoices by quantity in Business Central , our client requires invoices to be split by amount rather than quantity. Is there a possible solution for this?/
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    PS-20050952-0 24 on at
    create multiple invoice from sales order
    Thank you to each and every one for providing your solutions and suggestions.
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    Valentin Castravet Profile Picture
    Valentin Castravet 7,399 Super User on at
    create multiple invoice from sales order
    This is definitely possible out of the box by using item charges. 
    • create a sales order where you ship this item and invoice with the 1st invoice amount
    • for each additional invoice, add an item charge line and apply it to the 1st item line shipment
    • invoice the item charge separately 

    I wrote a blog post how to invoice multiple customers from 1 sales order, you could do the same thing but you would have the same customer on all sales documents - Invoice Multiple Customers From One Sales Order - Dynamics 365 Business Central Insights. Alternatively, as I wrote above, since you only have one customer, you don't need to use separate sales documents. All the item charges can be added on the first sales order. 
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    Jun Wang Profile Picture
    Jun Wang 5,528 Super User on at
    create multiple invoice from sales order
    you need to explain to customer this is not something out of box. you could either manually adjust the invoiced qty and amount. 
    or consider a customization. However, it would be key to find out why this is asked for and there might be other options.
    Jun Wang
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    KasparsSemjonovs Profile Picture
    KasparsSemjonovs 3,291 Super User on at
    create multiple invoice from sales order
    If You are selling items, this is a weird ask from the Customer. 
    As if You sell 3 items, for 100 each, with total of 300, You cannot really divide the Amount to two Invoices of 150 each, because You normally Invoice what You have shipped/delivered.
    Only way that I can think of to achieve this, can be done by adding additional G/L Account lines to the Order, 1 line of negative 300, and 2 lines of positive 150. Then You could mark that You are invoicing just the first line of positive 150, but this would still cause problems to mark when the items are invoiced (all items with 1st invoice, or all with 2nd), and the management of such process is quite hard. This also could ruin some reports.
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    Saurav.Dhyani 14,611 User Group Leader on at
    create multiple invoice from sales order
    Interesting but how they want to do that.
    Scenario - a sales order has 5 lines and 2 quantity each and a total value of 1000.
    How would they like invoices to split in this scenario?
    Saurav Dhyani

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