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Cannot setup the ecommerce site

Posted on by 485


First of all, I have succesfully deployed Scale unit and initialized e-commerce via LCS. Now I'm trying to setup the Fabricam site ready in site builder. I'm able to select the domain, but what value should I input to Default online store channel? I have tried everything but all I get is "Please enter a valid operating unit number(OUN)" I have used the Fabrikam online store's Operation unit number but it just doesn't work.


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    Sam Jarawan Profile Picture
    Sam Jarawan on at
    RE: Cannot setup the ecommerce site

    We've recently added new demo data and sites for Adventure Works. 

    There are a couple additional steps needed after a new environment deployment.

    1. Run "Initialize Commerce Scheduler" and ensure you hit the checkbox "Delete existing configuration"

    2. Add channels to channel database

      a) Search for "channel database" page and load

      b) Select single channel database found in the list and under "Retail channel" add "AW online store", "AW business online store" and "Fabrikam extended online store".  Optionally you can add some retail stores if you are using POS such as Seattle/San Francisco/San Jose/...

      c) Run "Full data sync" 9999 job

      d) Load "download sessions" page and ensure all jobs complete, could take 10-15 minutes.

    3. The current demo data in release 10.0.26 has a bug where the "AW business online store" isn't set in HQ to B2B, it's set instead to B2C, which will not enable B2B features on the site.  We will have this fixed in a future release, but easiest work around is to create a new AW business channel ensuring B2B is selected on the channel, you can match all settings on the channel with the existing "AW business online store" and ensure you add it to channel database as in step 2b above.

    4. Now in site builder, when you select fabrikam site or AW site, you should get the list of channels, if it's empty ensure step 1 and 2 above have completed.

    Hope that helps,


  • silvia1717 Profile Picture
    silvia1717 10 on at
    RE: Cannot setup the ecommerce site


    Did you solve the issue?

    I have the same error.  Like in your screenshot I am not able to see the list of Default online store and if I copy the OUN, I receive the error message Please enter a valid operating unit number(OUN). 

    I followed the steps in the docs and also the suggestions in this chat but  without success. Any other idea?

    Thank you!

  • devulapalli Profile Picture
    devulapalli 205 on at
    RE: Cannot setup the ecommerce site

    If you have followed all the instructions for e-Commerce site setup and still face the error, try re-initializing Commerce scheduler with "Delete existing configuration" parameter set to Yes and run full sync, This step has resolved the issue for me.

    The issue seems to be related to 1070 not sending online channel list to RCSU.

  • JeevanG Profile Picture
    JeevanG 390 on at
    RE: Cannot setup the ecommerce site

    You need to follow these instructions - and 

    Looking at the error, make sure the default online store has been defined/configured and published to the channel database. 

  • RE: Cannot setup the ecommerce site

    Hello - Can you please add if this helped you or not? I am having the same issue. I went through the guide and no luck. I think its something to do with the OTB online store that I missed??


  • migi111 Profile Picture
    migi111 485 on at
    RE: Cannot setup the ecommerce site


    Thank you, I will go through.

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    huijij Profile Picture
    huijij 19,803 on at
    RE: Cannot setup the ecommerce site

    Hi migi111,

    Please go through the steps in the following blog:

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