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Converting Custom Apps from Version 7.0 to 2015

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Our production version of Dynamics SL is currently version 7.0. I've installed Version 2015, (skipping 2011) and updated the databases, and everything seems to be working fine.

But we have a number of custom apps that we want to migrate as well. I've tried the 2015 conversion utility but it doesn't appear to do anything, as shown in the figure below.


Has anybody successfully converted custom apps directly from version 7.0 to 2015? Do I need to actually create an installation of version 2011 and do two conversions? The tool interface makes it look I should be able to do the conversion from VB6 to 2015, but the process is stopping immediately, and I don't see any changes in the directory.



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    Ajit Kannan Profile Picture
    Ajit Kannan 1,240 on at
    RE: Converting Custom Apps from Version 7.0 to 2015

    Hi Dan,

    Below are the steps to Upgrading Custom Programs in Microsoft Dynamics SL 7 – SL 2015

     1. Double click on the “Visual basic project file” through the source code.
     2. Automatically launch the Visual studio conversion wizard.
     3. Click next to proceed.
     4. Check the backup option before converting.
     5. Click next and finish.
     6. Replace the DH files with the latest version.
        C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Dynamics\SL\SDK\VB
     7. Upgrade the source code from DynamicsSLSDKConversion tool to convert the project.
         C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Dynamics\SL\Applications\VT\Code Converter


     8. Open the Upgraded source code and Double click on the “Microsoft Visual Studio solution” the project is         getting invoked.

     9. On the Solution explorer right click the Project and then click “properties”.

    10. In the “compile tab” Click “Advanced compile option” button.


    11. The system indicates it is using .Net Framework 3.5, but it has the files for .Net Framework 2.0 in place,causing problems for the date in that situation by changing the program to use .Net Framework 4.0 ® 4.5. 

    12. Every program had at least 100 errors listed, even when the conversion works. On the Property screen references tab, there will be missing references that will need to be manually added.     

    13. On the Solution explorer right click the Project and then click “Add reference”

    14. In the “Browse tab” Select the DLL “Microsoft.Dynamics.SL.Controls.dll” is below path
          C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\microsoft shared\DynamicsSL

    15. On the Solution explorer right click the Project and then select “Add” Click “Existing item”

    16. Browse the “Microsoft.Dynamics.SL.SDK.vb” below Path
          C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Dynamics\SL\SDK\VB

    17. Delete the “Solomon.VBTools.vb” in the project file.

    18. Recompile the project and resolve the errors.


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