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Importing using Unique ID

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Hi Guys,

Ive been tasked with updating 50,000+ accounts in our CRM. I have a spreadsheet here with the accounts names, account ID as well as 3rd column with a new field to be updated for each of the accounts. 

Account Number  Account Name  Type
1015 Hello Inc 1
1024 Goodbye Inc 2

Im wondering if there is a way to import this new 'Type'  field into CRM? The information I have is formatted like the above table - If an import of this nature is not possible does anyone have any other ideas on how I can update these 50.000+ accounts other than doing it one by one...

Thanks in advanced! 

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    PerezAguiar on at
    RE: Importing using Unique ID

    Hey Harrison.

    1) You can use powerautomate/azure Logic apps to read the content of each line on the excel sheet, retrieve the record on Dataverse, and update the specific column you need.

    2) You can go to the entity (accounts, or Contacts or whatever).  Create a view that ressembles your excel sheet. Download the template, and if the template matches your excel sheet, upload the excel sheet. If it doesn't match 100%, then you should update it to reflect the structure of the template.

    Finally, if the approach is the 2nd one, remember that you might have duplicate detection rules... ensure if they're in place. Also, you can test this in a lower environment


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