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Posting the same item to different purchasing accounts

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I am looking for a solution for a client, they are currently using multiple items for each product in order to direct the costs to different purchasing accounts for each item per department.

I am looking for a solution that will enable them to use one item per product. They do not want to use dimensions as a solution for this particular issue.

Does anyone know of a standard or custom solution for this?

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    RE: Posting the same item to different purchasing accounts


    A little curious why a different purchasing account for an Item when the the Purchasing Account (Posting Group Setup) should be offset by the Direct Cost Applied account (General Posting Setup). The Item, on the Balance Sheet, when sold, will record the COGS to whatever is defined by the Gen. Prod. Posting Group and Ge. Bus. Posting Group combinations and that is the proper setup. If you are trying to expand Item reporting, then I always setup Dimensions for Product Lines/Types (for example).

    Hope this helps.



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    RE: Posting the same item to different purchasing accounts

    Hi, how about use Item Variants?

    More details:


    And there is a Average Cost Calc. Type(Item, Variant, and Location) in the Inventory Setup.



    Hope this info helps.



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    RE: Posting the same item to different purchasing accounts

    There is no standard solution for this scenario. And the use of dimensions are the obvious answer to this request.

    A work around could be to have one vendor per department but that comes with some other perks as well i guess.

    If they where my customer i think i would go another round with them and try to convince them of using some kind of dimension for this.

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