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Fixed asset balances filtering by date doesn't work

Posted on by 99


I have joined the fixed asset book table in the 'Fixed asset balances' report to be able to filter by acquisition date. It doesn't seem to work and I wonder if you can even join tables in predefined reports in D365?

Thank you in advance




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    Navneeth Nagrajan Profile Picture
    Navneeth Nagrajan 1,339 on at
    Fixed asset balances filtering by date doesn't work
    Hi Kacper,
    In your Fixed Assets Balance report, there is a limitation on the date expressions. You will have to use an expression like LessThanDate() instead of the symbol < which means if you are looking at a report before 1st May 2024 and if you are running the report on 18th June  then your expression has to be based on the number of days before which you are looking to run a report. 
    eg: expression will be 
    Happy to answer questions, if any.
  • Kacper.Domagala Profile Picture
    Kacper.Domagala 99 on at
    Fixed asset balances filtering by date doesn't work
    The report is being generated, but it includes all fixed assets, including those with an acquisition date after 2024-04-30.
  • Waed Ayyad Profile Picture
    Waed Ayyad 3,841 on at
    Fixed asset balances filtering by date doesn't work
    Can you share screenshot of the filters? What do you mean by " It doesn't seem to work", the data is returned as you don't use the filter? or no data is returned?
    Waed Ayyad

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