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SalesPad integration with GP 2016

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Changes in inventory (stock count) in SalesPad are not being reflected in GP. Any ideas on how to resolve or possible places to check for errors (API connection, GP issue, etc.)?

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    RE: SalesPad integration with GP 2016

    Are you doing the Stock Counts in DataCollection? The SalesPad add-on? Typically once you submit a stock count for an item in DataCollection, it should update the Stock Count in GP right away. I've never seen it just not update GP unless you're receiving an error on submit.

    I would check to make sure you started the count in GP. There is a SQL table you can query to see if DataCollection actually populated the Stock Count in GP. I believe its IV10301.

    I'd be willing to take a look and assist if needed. On top of that, SalesPad support should be able to assist you if you're up to date on enhancement.

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    RE: SalesPad integration with GP 2016

    How are you integrating these inventory / stock count changes into Dynamics GP? i.e. using Integration Manager, eConnect, Web Services, something else?

    Depending on what you're using to integrate that data into GP would dictate what you'd be able to look at for error information.....

    IM will usually give you error information within the application and also write it to a log file.

    eConnect will also usually show error information along with a error number that we can look at the procedure being called and see exactly the script being used, that is throwing the error, along with the 'eConnect' event viewer log.

    Web Services has the Web Services Exceptions Console along with the 'Dynamics' and 'eConnect' event viewer logs, for starters.

    Each of these has more verbose logging that can be setup but these would be the basic information.


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