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Item model group - physical negative inventory

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Hi all, 

I have a scenario whereby physical negative inventory is enabled on the item model group, however sales orders are still reserving (via automatic reservation) and causing:

1. On-hand list for warehouse to have negative available physical (as per screenshot below)
2. Allowing release to warehouse to release and create no work but create a shipment/load which puts the sales order into Released status 
Key questions around this is: 

1. What if we have a multiline sales order (5 lines) but 1 line can not be fulfilled? How can flag this from a system perspective? The sales order work will generate, and the picker/packer will not be aware that the sales order has 5 lines. 
2. How can we flag in the system that the sales order has not generated all the work? Ideally would like to have a full reservation however fulfilment policy does not work due to physical negative inventory (the system is reserving the stock regardless if it physically there or not) as I have tested through using an item model group with physical negative inventory disabled.
Let me know if you have any suggestions on the above! 
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    CU29051344-0 51 on at
    Item model group - physical negative inventory
    Items have had this enabled due to the stores requiring negative physical inventory to allow them to continue to sell inventory even though the stock isn't in their store - for example, there are instances whereby the stores need to sell an item and it's delivered to the customer as opposed to the physical stock in their warehouse. 

    By having this enabled I believe it's causing this issue... any other thoughts/ideas on this? 
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    GuyUK 28,340 on at
    Item model group - physical negative inventory
    Why is Physical negative inventory enabled on items which are Warehouse managed?
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    lvdtang 1,088 on at
    Item model group - physical negative inventory
    In case when you cannot release the full sales order to the warehouse, the release status becomes "partially released"
    When the sales order is partially released, the worker knows that there is quantity left to release. 
    Best regards,
    Laurens van der Tang

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