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Shopify Connector and Currency

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So, we're looking to shift from an third party connector to the /native/ Shopify connector between our BC and Shopify Plus stores.
I've been able to get everything to sync, products and what have you, but I have some trouble with the currencies.
Quick fact:
BC base currency is SEK (Swedish Krona)
Shopify base currency is USD since we work mostly internationally.
But we do run Shopify markets and currently customers can check out in whatever currency they want, and multicurrency is crucial for us, even if we would need to settle for USD, SEK, EUR and CAD. However, all orders coming into BC are reverted back to USD for some reason.
In the transaction and JSON data I can see that both the Shopify base currency and the checkout currency tags along. Is there a setting i am missing, or is it just not possible to have the checkout currency to tag along to BC and create invoices in the same?

Example of JSON data where both currencies are visible (this one from a test where i placed the order in USD but had the Shopify base currency set to SEK);
    /amount/: /1792.00/,
    /currency/: /SEK/,
    /payment_id/: /rTFl81lhyoYrgky9Q5p7lRrF4/,
    /total_unsettled_set/: {
        /presentment_money/: {
            /amount/: /0.0/,
            /currency/: /SEK/
        /shop_money/: {
            /amount/: /0.0/,
            /currency/: /USD/
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    Shopify Connector and Currency
    I've read all the documentation I can find, and it seems like a bit of a grey area.
    "Shopify can be configured to accept different currencies. However, imported orders into Business Central use store currency." 
    It does not explicitly say that it's the Base currency and not the Checkout currency. I've spoken to a few people running this setup; about half of them say it works out of the box, and the other half say they need custom development. 
    And in the transactions tab in the Shopify connector (in BC), the order does come in the checkout currency, but when it becomes a sales order, well, then it turns into the store base currency.
    With this in mind, if it's limited to store base currency by design, it feels like they had to put in the extra work to make it less usable. But at first glance, it does look like they may refer to store base currency but not saying so explicitly.
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    Shopify Connector and Currency
    According to the documentation it looks like thats by design, imported orders use the store currency.

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