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Not Able to Run Distribution JOB (1050)

Posted on by 75

Hello Community Members,

Hope you are all well!

I am facing issue while running a 1050 job (Loyalty information). Issue is i have made some configuration in Loyalty card and then I ran 1050 job .But  when i opened the Download Sessions the Job I ran i.e 1050. But even after running of Job after 5 min I could not find the Job in the Download Sessions .

As this Job is not ran, the changes i have made in Loyalty card is not reflecting in the POS .

Please Help

Regards ,

Ashish Gawas

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    Ashish Gawas 75 on at
    RE: Not Able to Run Distribution JOB (1050)

    Yes ,I ran process loyalty schemes too.

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    Ashish  Gawas Profile Picture
    Ashish Gawas 75 on at
    RE: Not Able to Run Distribution JOB (1050)

    Thank you .it worked

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    Ben Amchin Profile Picture
    Ben Amchin 120 on at
    RE: Not Able to Run Distribution JOB (1050)

    Agreed with everything Shafeeque mentioned here.  You need to make sure that the data that you've updated in your loyalty setup is available to the tables (process loyalty schemes).  That being said, if you're not seeing anything push it's most likely because there isn't anything to push.

    If you want a full push, try running from the channel database group.

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    Shafeeque Mohammed Profile Picture
    Shafeeque Mohammed 6,162 Super User on at
    RE: Not Able to Run Distribution JOB (1050)

    If you have made any changes to loyalty scheme. Please make sure that you run "Process Loyalty schemes" batch job before you run 1050. 

    If you used the distribution Schedule (incremental) screen to push the data, make sure that you had added, the relevant channel database  groups. If you don't see the download session even after adding the channel database group.

    1. Verify if the job (1050) got successfully executed from batch jobs screen.

    2. Check the history from the history button. This can screen tell you exactly what happened on the execution. Sometimes there will be no data to be send to channel DB, it will show No Data. Download session will show an entry only if some data was sent.


    3. The next option you can try is to push Full sync of 1050 from Channel Database / Channel database group.

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