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Pop up msg while importing Data from DMF

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Posted on by 12,740
Hello Everyone
Has anyone encountered this issue during data import from DMF and what is this for ? And what would be the consequence if we choose to ignore it? 
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    Manish Prasad Profile Picture
    Manish Prasad 315 on at
    Pop up msg while importing Data from DMF
    You have set the Order Multiple on the Item card for an item. So, when you are creating process it's asking you that do you want to change the requirement in the multiple of 144. Either you can clear the planning details on the item card or change the values in DMF.
    Hope it helps your query. If it is correct please verify the solution.
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    saurabh bharti Profile Picture
    saurabh bharti 14,871 Super User on at
    Pop up msg while importing Data from DMF
    This looks to be related to multiple and minimum quantity policy. If you do this i think it will violate the policy but should allow you to move.
  • Hana Xue Profile Picture
    Hana Xue on at
    Pop up msg while importing Data from DMF
    Have you set the quantity multiple (multiple field) in the default order settings? Or is strict validation enabled for default order quantities? When using the new strict option, the standard order quantity must always be a multiple of the specified multiple value for purchase orders, inventory, and sales orders. If you are using strict validation, you will not be able to save default order settings that do not meet this requirement (and an error will be displayed in the message bar) Ignoring rounding recommendations may cause data integrity issues, especially if your business processes depend on Accurate quantities when performing inventory management, production planning or other operations.
    Best Regards,

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