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HMRC VAT (UK) No box for Requested Authorisation Code

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Posted on by 30

Hi All,

I'm setting up a new company in BC365 but when going through the HMRC VAT setup I'm redirected to HMRC and can log in successfully and grant access to BC365, it then gives me a code on the HMRC page and tells me to close the window. when I do so I get left with the original BC365 window saying "Waiting for a response. Do not close this page. A sign in window is open. To continue, pick the account you want to use and accept the conditions. This message will close when you are done." even when I close this down there is no space to enter the code in the "Requested Authorisation Code" section.

as per an old post, I removed the HMRC MTD extension and reinstalled but it made no difference. 

I also tried in Cronus and had the same issue.

Any help is greatly appreciated.