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Tax calculation in Invoice & Adjustment Maintenance

Posted on by 95

When entering a credit in the Invoice & Adjustment Maintenance screen, the system does not appear to be auto-calculating tax. Below are the fields that I have marked that I believe should impact the tax calc:

Doc Type: Invoice

Units: 1

Rate: -1600

Task: 0-900-999 [This drove the tax ID to a group tax rate of 29071.S (CCH Code)]

Tax Category: TXITEM [Our default taxable tax category]

When I hit save, no tax is auto-calculated. Might you know what the issue may be?

Thank you.

  • GNIENBERG Profile Picture
    GNIENBERG 95 on at
    RE: Tax calculation in Invoice & Adjustment Maintenance

    Thank you, Carolyn. I appreciate your effort to help me.

  • RE: Tax calculation in Invoice & Adjustment Maintenance

    Hi Gnienberg,

    I am testing on SL 2011 FP1.  Version 6.5 is no longer supported so I can't really help you with that version.  Maybe someone else will respond on this thread.

  • GNIENBERG Profile Picture
    GNIENBERG 95 on at
    RE: Tax calculation in Invoice & Adjustment Maintenance

    Thanks so much for taking the time to respond to me, Carolyn. I do get that message sometimes but then no lines are auto-created. We did do a couple customizations in that screen, which maybe messed something up with the tax auto-calculation function.

    What version are you running? We are on version 6.50.2740, Solomon Professional Edition.


  • RE: Tax calculation in Invoice & Adjustment Maintenance

    Hi GNienberg,

    I have tested what you are descibing.  I have a tax group identified on my task for a project.  I entered a line item in Invoice and Adjustment Maintenance for 1 unit for a rate of -1000.  I click Save and I get the following message pop up:

    PC Message Number  0375.  One or more line items are taxable.  Do you want the program to automatically calculate the tax and create the tax line items?

    Do you get this message when you click save?  After I click Yes to the message, I click on the Tax, Retentions, and Deposits tab and I can see that the proper tax was calculated.

    For the Account Category, do you have a Tax Category defined?  Could that tax category be tax exempt?

    Let me know what you find.

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