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Dynamics 365 App for Outlook: tracking Outlook Tasks and Appointments

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Posted on by UG Leader

Hello Community,

Could someone help confirm if my following understanding is correct when using Dynamics 365 App for Outlook?

1. If I manually create a task in Outlook, I won't be able to track it to Dynamics 365. The only way I can track a task in Outlook to Dynamics 365 is if I open a tracked email or a Dynamics 365 contact in Outlook using the Dynamics 365 App for Outlook, and then create a task record for that. Am I correct?

2. If I manually create an appointment in Outlook on my Outlook calendar, I can only manually track this appointment to Dynamics 365. Appointments created manually on the Outlook calendar will not be automatically tracked to Dynamics 365 against the contact records. Am I correct?

Above is the behaviour I am noticing from my experience when using the Dynamics 365 App for Outlook. I would appreciate if someone could confirm if that's correct, or if I am missing anything in settings.

Thank you!