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Tax included with Price

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Hi everyone

When you do Purchase Invoice in NAV, you have an option at the invoice footer to check called "Tax Included in Price". 

BC Online documentation talks about the same feature, but I can't find it at Purchase Invoice. 

Amy I missing any setup? What setup options I should do? 



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    RE: Tax included with Price


    Adding to Selva and Navin's reply... This all depends on the BC Version and Country. If you are in the US version, then after you setup Tax Liable and Tax Area Codes. When you have a Purchase Invoice, you would Self-Assess USE Tax, which calculates and pays the Use Tax to the State on purchases you did not pay Sales tax on to the Vendor.

    If in a VAT related Country version, you will setup the VAT Business and Product Posting Groups and VAT Posting Setup. On a Purchase Invoice you will have the choice to check 'Price includes VAT'


    Hope this helps.



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    RE: Tax included with Price


    On the Purchase invoice Page you can find the "Tax Liable" and "Tax Area Code" in the invoice details Tab.

    Based on the Tax Area Code the Tax will be calculate on the purchase invoices, if "Tax Liable" is TRUE. Please refer below screenshot-


    This field has different name in different localization. I am using North America version and the field is called "Tax Liable" Please check the same kind of field in your localization on Purchase Invoice "Invoice Details" Tab.


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    RE: Tax included with Price


    On the Purchase invoice, under the invoice details section, you can find the field "Price Including GST" to include the line amount cost with GST or without. I believe based on your localization, it may be available. 


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