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Trade agreement question

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Dear community,
I have created and posted 2 trade agreements with combinations as seen below.
One has from date 15th of May and the other 17th of May, no Find next is used and they have identical dimensions.
In this case the price from 15th of May is used, I would have imagined a price with newer From date would be used. 
Is this not the correct way to assign a new price to the same dimension combination?
In this case do I have to find the original trade agreement and then edit lines from Vendor to update prices for the same dimension combination?
Can someone confirm what is the correct process to remove the old price and assign a new price to a specific dimension combination?
Also what if I have many lines of different Vendor/Item combinations, how do I select them without having to go one by one?
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    Trade agreement question
    The Trade agreement search will look for Vendor 1001 Item 0005 (ignoring any where the From date is in the future, or the To date is in the past).
    The first one it finds will probably be the one that was created first (i.e. your oldest price).
    If Find next is set to No, then it will stop.
    If Find next is set to Yes, it will keep looking. If if finds another price, it will only use the lowest of the two prices it now has.
    In your case, you need to do one of two things. You could update the old trade agreement price. This is not my favourite approach because:
    • you cannot specify a date on which the Vendor's new price becomes active
    • you lose any price history
    Alternatively, you can set a To date on the old price, to make it expire the day before the new price becomes active. This is my preferred approach because:
    • you can define from which date the new prices apply
    • you have a price history
    The downside with the second approach is that it can be more effort, especially if you don't know the expiry date of a price when you create it.
    The easiest way I find to update old prices is to create an empty Trade agreement journal and use the 'Select' function to bring in all the lines which need expiring. Set a To date on the first two lines, and then do Open in excel.
    In Excel, copy the To date on the first two lines down on to all the other lines and Publish the changes.
    Back in FO, you can post the journal to set an expiry date on your old prices. Then go ahead and add your new pricing.

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