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Outlet prices and discounts on POS

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Our customer has several outlet stores where they sell out outdated products. All products are labelled with the origin recommended retail price (RRP). All RRP prices comes from trade agreements in D365.

When the products are received at the outlet store, the store manager decide the outlet price/discount product by product and they add two kind of price labels with bar codes to the products. Either:

A: A new price (outlet price) that replace RRP. The sales line in POS, and on the customer receipt, shall show RRP and a discount percent that is equivalent with the difference between RRP and the outlet price.

B: An outlet discount for the sales line (line discount).

When a customer brings the outlet product to the POS, the cashier scans the original label which creates a sales transaction in POS. Then they scan the outlet label, either with new outlet price, or with an outlet discount. In both cases the sales line shows a line discount per sales line. The discount will vary for each line based on the outlet price and the outlet discount.

I have looked at the coupon functionality because it is possible to scan coupons, but I discover that the coupon recalculates the hole sales transaction and uses the same coupon regardless of when it is applied to the sale. What we need is to scan one line to find the product and the RRP, and the scan again to enter either the outlet price, or the outlet discount.

Has anyone met the same requirements and found a way to solved it, or have any suggestions on how to get the required functionality?

  • RuneArnesen Profile Picture
    RuneArnesen 15 on at
    RE: Outlet prices and discounts on POS

    The price simulator finds the correct price based on my virtual UOM, but still get an error in POS. I finally fixed this by creating a new UOM and used that one instead.

    After discussing this with the customer they decide that using a “virtual UOM” is the way to go, so thank you for your suggestion!

  • Shafeeque Mohammed Profile Picture
    Shafeeque Mohammed 6,162 Super User on at
    RE: Outlet prices and discounts on POS

    Can you make sure that the data is fully synched ? You should be able to test this on Price simulator as well. We used Product specific unit conversions. Can you also try adding the item in default sales unit and change the UOM using "Change Unit of measure" operation ?

  • RuneArnesen Profile Picture
    RuneArnesen 15 on at
    RE: Outlet prices and discounts on POS

    This is a good idea! I have tried to do the same setup in a sandbox environment based on you desccription, but get an error in POS: Unit of measure conversion from Pcs to Outl (aka PROM-EA) was not found for item XXXXX.

    I have created a new UOM, and set up an unit conversion between the items purch/sell/invent units. I have created a new barcode with the new UOM, and created a commerce discount for the outlet price. The channel database is synced a number of times, even with full sync, but I still get the same error.

    To test it in D365 I have created a trade agreement with the same UOM, and the standard price search on the sales order line works as expectet, I get the price based on the UOM on the sales line.

    Do you have any idea why I get this error in POS (MPOS)?

  • Verified answer
    Shafeeque Mohammed Profile Picture
    Shafeeque Mohammed 6,162 Super User on at
    RE: Outlet prices and discounts on POS

    How we got around this situation was by introducing a virtual UOM. Say you usually sell products in EA unit. We added a second unit called PROM-EA which will be used to define outlet price/ promotions. 

    On the set of items where you want to sell at full price, they will EA barcode (5454545456465) and for ones with discounted price, they will label them with the discounted barcode(PROM58787458). Based on the UOM in which the product is getting added, the respective price/ discount will fire.

    Note: You will also needs to make sure that the you maintain a UOM conversion  between PROM-EA and other units to make sure that the posting goes through without an issue. 

    Item ID UOM Barcode Price
    10001 EA 5454545456465 100
    10001 PROM-EA PROM58787458 75
  • Suggested answer
    Alan Parsons Profile Picture
    Alan Parsons 30 on at
    RE: Outlet prices and discounts on POS


    There are a couple of options, and I do agree that what you want to do will not be met exactly by standard.

    One option is to use label barcodes where the price is embedded within the barcode. Much like selling weighed goods at POS. There is stuff on Google explaining how to set the barcode up.

    This gets around including the product as a one off.You don't necessarily get the breakdown on the financial postings in the background as you are selling at basically a fixed price.Any particular reason you want to show the RRP to the customer? Could use an info code to show the RRP on the receipt but that would be generic to the product.

    2nd option is there is an ISV solution for this from Retail Realm that provides a pricing model and label printing based on the above - sort of "fire sale" stuff but allows single product pricing ...based on barcodes.

    They can be found on Google - the solution is called MaxMobile

    3rd option on the custom front is to use serial numbers on the products to define exact prices...seen this done for re-packaging as the serial number make the product unique. slight issues with this is if you use serial tracking already on can't have 2 on the same separate product.

  • nunomaia Profile Picture
    nunomaia 10,684 Super User on at
    RE: Outlet prices and discounts on POS

    For that scenario only by a customization

  • RuneArnesen Profile Picture
    RuneArnesen 15 on at
    RE: Outlet prices and discounts on POS

    Yes, it is possible to apply discount percent and discount price to a product/SKU in D365, but the challenge in our case is that two items of the the same SKU can have different price or discount. This is because one SKU can have price A1 or discount A2 because it is a leftover from an earlier season. Another item of the same SKU can have price B1 or discount B2 because of a minor default on the product. In another words, we need to be able to set an individual price or discount for each outlet item.

    We haven't found support for this in POS so we will start to look at an extension to achive this.

  • nunomaia Profile Picture
    nunomaia 10,684 Super User on at
    RE: Outlet prices and discounts on POS

    Is not possible apply a discount to product or channel level in D365 ? This way you can apply a product price to store without needing to process a second bar code scan.

    You could create a coupon and discount association individually for each product but maintaining that will be quite complex.  

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