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How to delete Unposted Allocations

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Hi there,

The user seems to have records for a Project module (BI) batch in PJTRAN and PJTRANWK and the batch is showing on the Unposted Allocations Report.  As the batch cannot be found in the GL module, they want me to delete these records as it is causing an imbalance in GL.

I have checked and there are no records in GLTRAN and the status of the record in BATCH is 'D' with amounts all zero.

What other tables, other than PJTRAN and PJTRANWK, do i need to delete records from?

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    RE: How to delete Unposted Allocations

    Good day Jo -

    Thank you for posting your question to the forum. Thank you for your patience. What  you are asking is not something we typically want to post to a public forum. We realize there are SQL savy folks out there that are but there are also many that may cause more harm then good. I ran your question past our Project specialist and here was her take:

    For the PJTranwk records,  Since Those are from Flex billings. they would never re- allocate again in most situations because the billing itself is likely a load from allocations.

    When they’re in that table, it means they are auto allocating. If you don’t have access rights (to the allocator when its on auto)  when you run invoice posting they would sit in that table and prevent closing. They are safe to delete really in pjtranwk..

    Do NOT delete the pjtran leave those records.  They were updated from flexible billings. If they are zero amounts …its okay to leave em. If they don’t have zero amounts then they updated Billed to date and other project asset/revenue accounts…and if you delete them you will be off in project on whole lot of levels.

    If the batch was zero like some can be (write offs and adjustments) ..then there would be no detail in the batch, and you can delete it from the gL (and the message seems like they already did that if the status of that batch is D)…the Posting process in GL would tell the user that the batch is not in balance (as all empty batches in GL do that)

    I just cleaned up a bunch of those in my own db…

    Pjtranwk records are just records that shouldn’t be there …to make that stop, fix the access rights for the person posting or releasing any batch from any module to full rights to PAPRO.

    I hope this is what you were looking for.

    thank you,


    MSDSL Technical Support

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