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Changing Account Format

Posted on by Microsoft Employee


We are currently using GP 2013 and have a query on changing account format of our CoA. Our existing account codes have 3 segments as XXX-XXX-XXXX (total length of 10)

Due to business needs, we would like to increase the length of our second segment from 3 to 4.

1) If I change it to 4, can I still keep my existing segments as 3; I will only create some special departments with a length of 4

2) Assuming the above is ok, do I need to run the PSTL tool?  As I don't want to restate the existing transactions posted, I don't think I will need to?


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    Community Member Microsoft Employee on at
    RE: Changing Account Format

    Thanks, our existing CoA is already a combination of letters and numbers.

    The major question was whether changing the length meant all segments had to be that length which both of you have advised leaving blank is alright.

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    Beat Bucher  GP Geek  GPUG All Star Profile Picture
    Beat Bucher GP Gee... 28,009 Super User on at
    RE: Changing Account Format

    Hi GPS12,

    As @Jeffrey Bricks was mentioning it, if your COA framework is large enough, there should be no issues.. You're not forced to fill in the blanks, but I'd strongly suggest to do it, but it largely depends what type of data your segment contain.. I always suggest to stick with numbers only, but some companies setup their CoA with letters & numbers, which on the long run can become a nightmare to manage, especially when it comes to query with SQL server views and/or apply mass changes with PSTL, due to the sorting order logic by SQL..

    But you're right, there is no obligation to use the PSTL at this stage.

    Feel free to post more questions about your CoA.

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    RE: Changing Account Format

    Many thanks for the above. I have checked the system and the maximum length is greater than 4.

    I have done some testing by posting some journals to the accounts with 4 characters to segment 2.

    Could I please check on below?

    - Do you see any issues/limitations if i don't fill up the space - some will have 3 characters, some with 4 for segment 2

    - Assuming I don't fill up the space for the existing segment 2, I won't need to use the PTSL account change tool??


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    twelvestrikes 3,657 on at
    RE: Changing Account Format

    Hi GPS12

    This is going to depend on how your account framework has been setup.

    Go to Microsoft Dynamics GP > Tools > Setup > company > account format

    Here you will see what the system was initially setup for the maximum number of segments and the maximum account length.

    Next check how your 3 segments were setup.

    If your maximum length for segment 2 was setup as 3 then you are out of luck for an easy fix.

    If it was setup with say a maximum length of 5 then you can increase this to 4.

    You can leave the existing accounts with 3 characters if you wish with the 4th being a blank.  I prefer to fill in all spaces so that there is a number in each position.  You can use the PSTL account change for this.

    Now if the segments are at their maximum, you will need to purchase the account reformatter from CRG group.

    This product works well to enlarge the account framework.

    Before you do any changes I strongly recommend that you try this out in a test company first to ensure things work as expected.

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