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Link more than 1 amex account in Bank accounts

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We have set up more than 1 Amex account as Bank Accounts in order to download the monthly statement from these AMEX accounts every month and reconcile.  Note that we have 1 user credentials in AMEX but have > 1 AMEX accounts (e.g, Platinum, Gold, etc).
The first online bank link from BC to Amex Platinum (as an example) worked like a charm.  However, any other additional attempts to link to our AMEX gold from Amex Gold bank account in BC failed saying it's already linked.
Is there a way to link to more than 1 amex accounts so we can download statements for these accounts in BC?
Please advise.
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    MR-07052239-0 2 on at
    Link more than 1 amex account in Bank accounts
    Hi Zhu,
    Yes, I created multiple bank accounts for AMex.  I linked one amex bank account to the Amex platinum.  That was successful.  But when i went to another bank account (e.g., Amex Gold) when i linked to the amex Gold (note: same credentials as we have only 1 user credentials but can select different Amex account) account, it gave me an error after i saved saying i can only link to 1 bank account.  I am guessing because it's using the same credentials?
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    Link more than 1 amex account in Bank accounts
    Hi, If you are referring to the function below, as far as I know you can only connect one at a time unless you unlink first and then reset it.
    Otherwise, it is recommended to create multiple bank accounts.
    Hopefully other experts can give you better advice.

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