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Receiving payment in different currency to invoice

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I would like some help to understand how BC Dynamics deals with transactions in different currencies.

So, I have a customer who was invoiced in £. They paid with two separate payments in Euros.

1) Payment Amount 3264.58 € = LCY £2938.12 (0.9)

2) Payment Amount 457.04 € = LCY £326.46 (0.71) 

The invoice was entered with Amount £3264.58, so the above payments should settle the invoice, as LCY amounts match the £ amount of the invoice.

However, when I go to apply amounts I can't understand what BC is doing. If I click on the invoice line and Apply payments, I am left with a balance on the payments. If I click on the payments line and Apply payments I am left with a balance on the invoice.

For example, here's a screen shot when I click on the invoice and Apply payments. As you can see, the conversion rate for the payment line has now been altered. I entered 457.04 = 326.46 (and indeed these are the amounts that show on the Customer ledger), but in this screen, BC has altered the payment to 457.04 = 411.34. I am unable to click onto the Appln Remaining Amount box to change this (I assume this is LCY amount? Just called something different)


How do I settle this without any balances left in Accounts Receivable?

Many thanks,