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Transaction import automation

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Hi All,

My question is not new, but I'm l struggling to find a right solution. What we need it's to run TI automatically, according to SystemManager.pdf  it could be done by running it from a command line, however if there are any validation errors - log file would be generated in a "silent" mode, nobody will got a notification. 

I'm wondering if somebody has a working solution in place and what was the approach, how difficult it was? How stable it is? What are the issues with it?


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    Erich Strelow F 1,642 on at
    RE: Transaction import automation

    I agree with Rob. Application Server (AS) has a specific interface for scheduling TI. You can query the AS queue to trace how your TI workload is doing.

    We built a setup around this so our HR staff could post payroll journal files to SL, since we use a no-SL payroll system.

    The approach is something like:

    1. Licensing of the AS module.
    2. Setup the AS user and working environment. We have a virtual Windows 7 machine somewhere that's running the AS.
    3. Setup a web page with a file drope zone so the user can drag & drop the file. For some reason, we named our AS as "Atomic Ant", and even got a clipart for it, so the web portal is presented as that. This page triggers the automation ASDevObj.ASRequest object that is badly documented in the AS manual.
    4. Setup a second web page with pending and ready TI requests, based on a query over SYS.AppSrvRequest.
    5. A third page shows the detail of a specific job. This one is beyond the scope, since does a lot of log file parsing so it can highlite the offending data.
    6. atomant.jpg

    As for stability, the main problem is to keep the AS instance running all the time. TI jobs has stronger requirements OS-wise, since it needs an open Window station. We use a third party monitoring system to aid on this.

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    Community Member Microsoft Employee on at
    RE: Transaction import automation

    I used to use Application Server to run these on a schedule and that worked without issue and it emailed the logs. From the command line you should be able to log the output to a file. 

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