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"Default" Word Template?

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I created several Word Templates for Sales Order Processing's Blank Invoice Form.  Each template is assigned to a specific customer class.

Yesterday, I tested the e-mailing of a Sales Order Processing invoice that is neither assigned to one of these customer classes nor has ever had a Word Template created for it by me.

Yet, somehow, the e-mail generated an invoice using one of the Word Template formats that I created.

I did not even set any of my Word Templates as a default for the company.  The Default setting for each of my templates is "No".

How do I prevent this invoice from e-mailing the layout of one of my Word Templates?

Thank you!


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    RE: "Default" Word Template?

    Probably you should carefully look at the settings. There should be a menu where you could prevent this invoice from e-mailing and similar stuff. But maybe I'm wrong about that.

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    RE: "Default" Word Template?

    If you go to print the invoice and you select any of the additional print features in the options available, it will "print" a different invoice.  The one called Sales Order Invoice With Options which I have never found a way to customize.  However, if you choose no other "options" when printing it will print the regular Sales Invoice Blank Form, which is, consequently, the only template you can configure for SOP invoices for emailing.

    I cannot tell you how annoying this is, but the issue will likely turn out to be additional selections when printing manually.

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