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Bank Reconciliation Issue

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I have a Bank Account ledger entry that is showing as Closed (open = unticked), but I have NOT done a bank reconciliation for that transaction, so how can it show as closed? This means I cannot reconcile my bank account as the transaction is not showing on the right hand side of the bank reconciliation page (because the system is saying it is closed). I only have 1 bank account statement showing for the account (the opening balance bank reconciliation) and the transaction I am querying is NOT on that bank statement. Why is it showing as closed when I have not done a bank reconciliation for that transaction?

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    Peter Taylor FP Profile Picture
    Peter Taylor FP 92 on at
    RE: Bank Reconciliation Issue

    As I thought, this was found to be a bug in standard MS code. The transaction had been reconciled, then an 'Undo' bank reconciliation was done but the transaction was not re-opened, which it should have been. MS support kindly gave me a utility (app) to re-open the entry (and delete the statement number on the bank account ledger entry), and i just used it to re-open the transaction and now i can reconcile it again.

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    Peter Taylor FP 92 on at
    RE: Bank Reconciliation Issue

    Hi, thanks for your feedback. The statement no. is '3', but there is no bank statement no. 3 for that account? Could it have been deleted?

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    Amit_Sharma 2,545 on at
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    Dallefeld 11,415 UG Leader on at
    RE: Bank Reconciliation Issue

    Check the fields on the ledger entry for statement number.

    Check the status, was it voided.

    BC doesn't just close a ledger entry, so it somehow was closed by a transaction.

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    Marco Mels Profile Picture
    Marco Mels on at
    RE: Bank Reconciliation Issue


    If you do not get further traction from the community, feel free to raise this issue to Microsoft via your partner or CSP.


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