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Auto assign case to agents

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I want to assign cases created by customer automatically to available user in round robin fashion, can I use omnichannel auto assign, if not how can I make this possible?

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    RE: Auto assign case to agents

    Hi Aabid,

    No out of the box support for round robin assignment. 

    There is queue/team/owner assignment but it is then "first come first serve" - the person first accepting it.

    However, you can refer following blog to get some inspiration, which provide logic about how to achieve it:

    Round Robin Case Assignment – CRM 2013 – Sagar's Blogs (

    And the the way blog provide is routing case to one team, you can also route case to one queue.

    The queue and user is 1:N relationship too, so you can do sane settings when you choose queue.



    So you can also use queue entity not team entity if you use the way to do, then you can use code or flow to achieve the logic that blog provide.

    Also, you can refer following link to get more ideas.

    3rd party plugin:

    Assign Leads or Cases automatically in Dynamics 365 CRM using Round Robin or Capacity Algorithm! | Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM Tips and Tricks (


    Dynamics 365 Round Robin using Microsoft Flow (

    Round Robin Lead Assignment | Dynamics CRM 2011 | PowerObjects


    Leah Ju

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    Aabid on at
    RE: Auto assign case to agents

    Thanks Prateek, but I don't want to route case by skills or presence, I want to route cases in round robin, is it possible?

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    RE: Auto assign case to agents

    Yes, you can use entity channel for this purpose only.

    Below describes it in detail :



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