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PO Archiving & Deleting

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Hi I have read the documentation on Archiving & Deleting a PO in Business Central but I am still confused so i am looking for some guidance please on a few things.

In my head and from more experience with other systems than BC when a PO is fully invoiced the status changes to closed or finalised or something alike, it can't be re-opened but it can be seen in the PO listing so you can view the PO or its attachments in future if you like.

But BC appears to be different and from what i have read an approved PO status is released, when supplier invoices are received and the PO is fully invoiced the status stays as Released, if you want to remove the PO from the listing then you actually delete the PO is that correct?  In my head i thought that in BC we would archive the PO rather than delete but it seems that the Archive function is something different and is actually a way to store PO revisions is that right? What is the point in archiving a PO?

I have found the setup options to archive a PO and keep the attachments when deleting but i don't see anything regarding notes on a PO, can you not save notes?

Maybe i'm thick but i do find this part of PO processing really difficult to follow.


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    Airbird22 Profile Picture
    Airbird22 2 on at
    RE: PO Archiving & Deleting


    Notes (referred to as Comments in BC) are definitely copied to the PO Archive.

    Attachments are not copied to the PO archive. However, they are copied to the Posted Purchase Invoice and can be retrieved from there. Would be a small code change to put a link between the archive and posted invoice.

    Hope this helps.


  • Stirton Profile Picture
    Stirton 20 on at
    RE: PO Archiving & Deleting

    Thanks for your reply.

    I found that button thanks.  I see there is also a toggle button in the section you refer to for keeping PO attachments but i can't see anything for notes, do you know if you can retain notes on archived POs?

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    Inge M. Bruvik Profile Picture
    Inge M. Bruvik 32,720 Super User on at
    RE: PO Archiving & Deleting

    In the purchase and payables setup you can activate archiving of your purchase orders.


    You have the same for sales orders in the Sales and receivables setup.

    Purchase orders will than be visible in the purchase order archive / Salesorder archive.

    With out that switch activated a PO will normally be deleted when completely invoiced and you will  have to look at it in the posted purchase order page. But there you will only see what is posted and invoived.

    The PO archive gives you the option to archive several versions of the same PO as it is changed and handled.  Versions can be manually archived by the use or automatically archived with this switch in setup.

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