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Adding Facets to Dynamics Portal Search

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In the Facets Template I can see that the values for ModifiedOn / Rating and Associated Product are provided out of the box.  I wanted to also allow filtering by Related Category. Does anyone know what value that is on the Knowledge Article record to be able to facet by?

Template = Faceted Search - Facets Template

This is the example for Modified on:

  {{#ifvalue facetName value=""}}
  {{#if noData}}
   <div class="facet-view panel panel-default">
    <div class="facet-title panel-heading">{%endraw%}{{ snippets['Search/Facet/ModifiedDate'] | default: resx['Facet_DateModified'] | h }}{%raw%}</div>
    <div class="panel-body">
     <ul class="facet-list-group"
      role="radiogroup" aria-label="{%endraw%}{{ snippets['Search/Facet/ModifiedDate'] | default: resx['Facet_DateModified'] | h }}{%raw%}">
      {{#each facetData}}
       <li class="facet-list-group-item clearfix control-item {{#if active}}active{{/if}}" tabIndex="{{#if active}}0{{else}}-1{{/if}}" data-facet="{{../facetName}}" data-control-value="{{name}}"
        role="radio" aria-label="{{displayName}} {{hitCount}}" aria-selected="{{#if active}}true{{else}}false{{/if}}" aria-checked="{{#if active}}true{{else}}false{{/if}}">
        <span class="facet-list-group-item-count pull-right">{{hitCount}}</span>
        <div class="facet-list-group-item-title-container">
         <span class="facet-list-group-item-title pull-left">
          <input type="radio" name="{{../facetName}}" value="{{name}}" {{#if active}}checked{{/if}} tabindex="-1" role="presentation">{{displayName}}

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    Preeti Sharma 2,678 on at
    RE: Adding Facets to Dynamics Portal Search


    Did you find the solution? I have same requirement.

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