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Product Bundles OR Kits

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Anyone know if there is documentation around how to activate Product Bundles AKA Kits? I understand it to be replacing Rev Rec.. Dont see anything for it after a couple hours of searching, closest thing I could find was around BOMs - any assistance pointing in the right direction would be appreciated
  • Product Bundles OR Kits
    Okay maybe that is why I was not finding anything, I was associating them to KITs, not BOM. - so to clarify, it is an extension of the Rev Rec functionality, not replacing it? How would you go about activating the bundle - is bundle another word for BOM? Checking that box? Id assume you would need to build the bundles first? That is the type of documentation I have been searching for.. 
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    Product Bundles OR Kits
    There is a new "function" in regards to isolating the bundle feature from the revenue recognition feature. But the feature itself is old and existing if you need to test it, As mention make sure you tick the box bundle on your bundle item and create a BOM for it. 

    It can simplify sales etc but it's not a kit as used in manufacturing etc for kitting of production. 
    There is also a retail function for retailkits, basically a simple assembly function to assemble different items to a package kit that is sold as a new inventory unit. 
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    Product Bundles OR Kits
    To activate Product Bundles (AKA Kits) in D365, you need to1234:
    • Enable the Bundle flag on the Released product details page under the General FastTab.
    • Make sure that a bill of materials has been set up for the released product, mimicking a kit and its components.
    • Make sure that each of the BOM components has a base sell price.
    • Confirm the sales order to explode the components.
    Alternatively, you can import the Product bundles5.
    For more information, you can view the following links:
    Publish a product or bundle to make it available for selling (Dynamics 365 Sales) | Microsoft Learn
    Dynamics 365 – Retail Product Kits | Ellipse Solutions
    Using Bundles to Implement Sales Order Kitting in D365FO (
    Using Revenue Recognition Bundle Functionality to Support Selling Kits in D365 (
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