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Payment Terms

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We have some special payment terms that I am wondering on how to setup in BC
One of these payment terms would be 2%10th+30 days       
The diffiucult thing about these payment terms is that the 10th only refers to invoices dated 1st – 20th of the month, and anything from 20th  day of the month till the End of month essentially move to the month after granting an 30 extra days.

Invoice A            Dated 5/4/24     Due the 10th of July, with 2% discount
Invoice B            Dated 5/15/24   Due the 10th of July, with 2% discount
Invoice C            Dated 5/26/24   Due the 10th of August (following the 20th cut off rule) , with 2% discount
Is it possible to setup payment terms in such a manner in BC?
  • Jun Wang Profile Picture
    Jun Wang 4,889 Super User on at
    Payment Terms
    basically what you are trying to do is asking BC to assign 2 date ranges on one payment terms, which is not possible out of the box
    an easy way is to set up 2 payment terms as suggested,

    this could happen in workflows. If you need BC to approve 2 ranges such as 0-100 dollar and 101 to 200, you need to set up 2 workflows, each with its approvers.

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    YUN ZHU Profile Picture
    YUN ZHU 62,281 Super User on at
    Payment Terms
    Hi, As mentioned by the two experts above, this cannot be done with standards.
    Payment Terms are not related to discounts.
    You can consider customizing it, or submit your ideas to Microsoft.
    Missing a feature? Post or vote for ideas on:
    Hope this helps as well.
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    Saurav.Dhyani Profile Picture
    Saurav.Dhyani 12,672 User Group Leader on at
    Payment Terms
    With Standard Business Central it's not possible.
    Saurav Dhyani
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    Valentin Castravet Profile Picture
    Valentin Castravet 5,975 Super User on at
    Payment Terms
    Out of the box its not possible. Payment terms will not be able to account for the posting date of the invoice to know if its the 1st – 20th of the month or after the 20th. You have two options:
    1. Create 2 separate payment terms. 1 for invoices entered 1st – 20th of the month, and 1 for invoices entered from the 20th day of the month till the End of month. When an order/invoice is created, its up to the user to manually select the correct payment term. 
    2. Customize the system to do this automatically i.e. select the correct payment term based on the invoice date. 

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