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Assembly to Order

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Hello - We are currently in the middle of implementing Dynamics 365 F&O to our discrete manufacturing company. I have come across a what seems to be a typical scenario for us that I have not figured out a way how to implement into Dynamics. 
We are producing 570 distinct items and shipping to 190 locations. We have a distribution list via Excel on which locations get which items. Because of the large amount of items and locations its difficult to see how many common assemblies would need to be produced/packed via excel. I have the ability to upload the distribution list into F&O and create a sales orders with the items. I would like the sales order to then create the assemblies within the system. Let's say it created 30 common assemblies for the 190 locations. 
Is there a way to create or release these common assemblies so that our packing team can assemble them at once vs each assembly per sales order? 
I am somewhat new to Dynamics, so I'm hoping I asked this correctly and that there is a way. 
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    lvdtang 1,192 on at
    Assembly to Order
    Good day,
    I would import the required items into Dynamics (via Excel) and then run Planning Optimization or Master Planning. Planning Optimization / Master planning will propose you precisely what and when you need to produce. 
    Best regards,
    Laurens van der Tang
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    Dogan Adiyaman 649 User Group Leader on at
    Assembly to Order
    Yes you asked this correctly.
    It sounds like you identify what and where to ship from. All you need to do is to run planning optimization so that system can suggest you assemble orders. You can then group all assemble orders within a single production order by site (I assume each location will be a different site).
    Click Master planning > Common > Planned orders.
    Select the planned order lines you want to group into one planned order.
    Click the Group button on the Planned order.
    Click OK on the Group selected planned orders. The selected planned order lines are grouped into one planned order. This planned order takes the delivery date from the planned order line that is selected when you execute the function.
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    andreasraithel 4,596 on at
    Assembly to Order
    assuming you mean with "assembly" any kind of production where you take same items to assembly them to your ordered item.
    If this is the case it should be not be problem to setup the master planing or even planing optimization in that way. Once you havce imported your orders having hopefully any delivery date you can run master planing to create consolidated production orders for each of the assembly items. So you could get one production order for the 30 assemblies.
    Hope this helps.

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