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Item Request Approval - RQ510HD.exe stopped working

Posted on by 190

Dear Everyone and expert,

i have problem with screen Item Request Approval in Requisition Module SL 2011 FP1.

the screen stopped working when loading the screen, the message :

RQ510HD.exe stopped working, it is happen on windows 7, if i use windows server 2008 it's only sometime stopped working, but not as many time as windows 7 .

when checking the customize mode screen, i found something's wrong with this screen

there is 2 same object, the same object name : ptxtDeptProj

and i found 1 rtxtreason with strange caption: Rã'Îã

i attached the picture here :

Please advice, i can not modify or delete the object, it's solomon's standard object.

is there any hotfix or something can fixed it??

Any help would be appreciated.

Best Regards,


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    Tax 190 on at
    RE: Item Request Approval - RQ510HD.exe stopped working

    Dear Blaine,

    Thanks for your attention Blaine,

    i'm not very sure it is because my customization, i only add vba script at begin processing button and never add new object on that screen.

    Yes you're right, it seems no problem open the screen with standard mode.

    actually i already solve this problem by set the .exe properties (right click the properties and go to tab compatibility), check list the run this program in compatibility mode  for windows xp (Service pack 3) and check list the run this program as an administrator, apply and ok, and the screen work well, never stopped working again.

    Thanks again for your advice. :D

    Best Regards,


  • RE: Item Request Approval - RQ510HD.exe stopped working


    It looks like this is an issue with your customization. If you Run SL in Standard mode can you open this screen?

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