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Bank Reconciliation - Manual Match Challenges

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Posted on by 522
So in BC 365 SaaS v23 we are trying to perform our first Bank Reconciliation in Production. Over the past year or so Microsoft has moved more toward auto-matching, Copilot assistance, etc. Which sounds good theoretically if most all bank transactions had a one-to-one relationship to our bank ledger. But for a retail company, this isn't always the case. Specifically when it comes to payment card processing, their deposited amounts, the bank's fees charged, how some deposits are split against individual payment card types, how some deposits are even split over multiple days, etc. It's a challenge to even manually match these.
According to Microsoft's online documentation ( you shouldn't manually match bank transactions against the bank ledger in a many-to-many scenario, and expect the bank reconciliation to post. Instead you should post the differences and then go back into matching. Sounds a bit cumbersome.
I heard that a few years ago BC 365 employed a bank reconciliation feature that was similar to what's provided in Dynamics GP (our previous ERP solution). Where you basically just checked off the bank transactions once you verified they have been manually matched. How do the rest of you handle this many-to-many scenario in current BC 365?